CMS Content Management System

Welcome to CMS! This CMS is no longer actively developed.

Unique features:

Multi-language pages and processing.
Built-in forum and user page comments
Image resizing and original image storage
Online menu processing
Utmost flexible template engine
WYSIWYG document editor with built-in css
Access restrictions, own access level for translators
Password protection of individual pages
Online draft versioning
Automatic breadcrumbs
Logical URLs (you choose the names)


Webs running on CMS:
LawIT Ltd.
Mixed Choir Tirnavia
Mixed Choir Cantica nova
Gym Studio Albert
Asterisk - open source PBX

What's new:
2.7.2011: Demo disabled.
28.6.2006: CMS open source code will also be available on
20.6.2006: Forum enhancements (speed); working on AJAX forum enhancement
20.9.2005: Minor forum improvement in paging display
12.11.2004: Migrated HTMLeditor to work under Mozilla. Several enhancements increasing speed of the editor (popups).
6.2.2004: Minor enhancements to Community add-on
5.2.2004: Completed work on the editor for settings. This editor enables customizing all settings, messages, notification texts, translations, etc. on-line. Each setting has its own access level, which together with Process differentiation offers total flexibility with regard to allowing just certain user(s) to change certain settings.
12.12.2003: e-shop successfully launched for LawIT customer
5.12.2003: Newsletter now being used on two sites. Newsletter completely on-line based (administration, archive, etc.)
6.11.2003: New newsletter add-on in test
20.10.2003: New e-shop add-on in test
19.10.2003: CMS version 0.10 is up with slight design and document editor enhancements
20.8.2003: Demo system installed.
19.8.2003: Added link options (_blank, etc.) in the 'insert link box'.
17.8.2003: Added full justify option and insert anchor dialog and runtime display in the Document editor, improved clean up of word html
16.8.2003: Changed message of protected document to include full $loginlogout
10.8.2003: The commented documents list added in forums ($allcommenteddocuments variable shows all documents with comments as if they were forums, displaying the last comment and number of comments)
28.7.2003: New font colour and highlight color tool has been added in the Document editor part of the CMS.
July 2003: It's been a year since the creation of the CMS. There has been no log of the improvements and fixes since the beginning, however this news should serve this function from now on.

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